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Coronavirus Data API

Covid-19 Tracking Project

The Covid-19 Tracking Project collects information from different data sources to provide comprehensive data for the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.

Data API (JSON and XML)

The full dataset is updated each day between 1pm and 3pm CET with additional updates throughout the day.

Data is provided by the following institutions:

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Coronavirus outbreak latest: 5,531,642 deaths confirmed around the world

Narrativa | Sunday, January 16, 2022

There are now 325,657,120 people infected worldwide, with 146,059,927 of these having already recovered, according to the data provided by Johns Hopkins University. The US has the most cases with 65,444,262, followed by India, Brazil, and The United Kingdom with 37,122,164, 22,933,289, and 15,246,179 cases respectively.

Coronavirus in the world

Currently InfectedInfectedDeathsRecovered
TotalTotalLast 24hTotalLast 24hTotalLast 24h
1. The US: 53,660,2601. The US: 65,444,2621. The US: 526,2991. The US: 850,0601. The US: 8191. India: 31,441,0981. Italy: 120,609
2. The United Kingdom: 15,069,0872. India: 37,122,1642. France: 324,5802. Brazil: 621,0632. Russia: 7082. Brazil: 18,102,7502. India: 36,871
3. France: 13,064,1033. Brazil: 22,933,2893. India: 271,2023. India: 486,0663. Poland: 4293. The US: 10,933,9423. Portugal: 28,067

In addition, 2,790,572 new cases have been added in the last 24 hours, demonstrating a 0.86% increase from the previous day. The US is the country with the most new cases, having now confirmed 526,299, followed by France with 324,580. India and Italy are not far behind, with 192,936 and 192,936 new patients respectively.

Since the coronavirus outbreak began, a total of 5,531,642 people have died worldwide. The US has registered the most victims so far with 850,060 deceased, followed by Brazil, India, and Russia with 621,063, 486,066, and 314,166 deaths respectively.

The first news of this new strain of the virus appeared in China, in the city of Wuhan, on 31 December 2019. Since that date, the number of infections have multiplied across the continent and the world. As of the latest reports, cases in China have increased to 122 new cases since yesterday. Overall, 13,723 people are infected with coronavirus.

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Coronavirus Evolution Charts by region. (Click on the images to download in higher resolution).

🌎 Accumulated cases by country

🌎 Evolution of deceased comparing countries

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Warning: Data provided and used for the generation of these products comes from the aggregation of different sources, each of which have different update times and frequencies. Additionally, each country has its own accounting criteria, so comparisons of data between countries or regions, and even within them over time, may not be representative of reality. An example is the case of positive cases that depend not only on the spread of the disease but also on the number of tests administered.